Welcome to Cappy Space

Welcome to my little bubblespace in the aether, where I've captured pieces of my pastimes and times past. Consider it my fingerprint on the web... if it wasn't so ephemeral.

Latest News

The full brain dump in reverse temporal order.
Toy Chest

Each toy has a tale to tell. Here they belly up to the bar and share their wisdom.
Glyos System

Figures with personality, the Glyos Fit Function lets you build, tweak, and play with exactly what you wanted.
The Bazaar

Wheeling deals on special Glyos releases in the Cappy Space Bazaar.

Quick Reference Links

Index of Glyos Makers
Crayboth Collector's Checklist
Lego MOC downloads Blocklobster.com
Custom Toys

Toys made for the masses can't always meet our needs. A specific character or a tweak to the mechanics, this is where it happens.
Tales of Cappy Space
A pic-fic tells a thousand toyetic tales.


Fiction I've written over the many years.

General Items

The catch-call category for ideas and thoughts that don't neatly fall under other headings.
Providence: The RPG

Winged superheroes, crystalline swords, and a global mystery. What's not to love?
Winamp 2.0 Skins

Skinning Winamp led to my first online community and resulted in friendships that have spanned the centuries.

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